Hi I’m Chancancook!  A little bit about myself?  Well… I’m a part-time teacher with a full-time obsession of food – eating it mostly – and enjoying all the randomness that life has to offer.  I wouldn’t call myself a chef, but I do enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with my friends and family as guinea pigs.

I started this blog because more and more of my friends started asking me for recipes and places I’ve been to eat, so I figured why the hell not!  I must put a disclaimer however, I do not generally follow a recipe when I cook.  I just go with the random cooking style my grandma passed down to me – using whatever ingredients I have on hand and measuring with your hand and eyes!  Feel free to substitute your own ingredients and experiment to your own tastes and if you have any recommendations or successful experiments of your own please feel free to share!

Here you will find some of my recipes (although I don’t really follow recipes) and food adventures I’ve had.  So whether you want to cook something or just find out a good spot to eat I hope this blog will be useful to you somewhat on your own food adventure 🙂 !