Eating like a K-drama at Kookminhakgyo (국민학교)

Had a nice get together today with a girl friend, catching up and swapping stories. Searching up on Google, we decided to try out this quaint Korean restaurant called 국민학교 (pronounced “Kook-min-hak-gyo”).  Looking at the restaurant from the outside it doesn’t look like much, however, when I stepped in I immediately felt like I was transported into a old school Korean Drama (for those who actually watch Korean dramas, especially those like “Reply 1997“, would understand).

What I really liked about the setting of this restaurant was not only the quaint and unassuming nature of the space, but the awesome deco that oozed nostalgia all over.  The walls of the restaurant all have old vinyl records as well as an old vinyl record player and a small antique looking piano.  Even the stools in which we sat on were what looked like old canisters with upholstered cushion lids on them (great for storing your bag and other personal items in).


The menu is very simple, since it is a Korean BBQ joint, all you do is order the type of meat that you would like and the number of portions (most places you have to order 2 portions or more, but here you can order just a single portion for the lone foodies) and the rest is all done for you.  At most Korean restaurants I’ve been to, when you order table top cooking you get complimentary side dishes, however, for soups and leafy greens to go with your grilled food, you are usually charged extra.  Here at 국민학교 (Kookminhakgyo) you get side dishes, leafy greens, and even a spicy beansprout chigae (soup) and a fluffy steamed egg soup all included in every meal!  I absolutely loved this and it all tasted amazing!  The staff were also super friendly and accommodated all requests for napkins and refills and were very helpful when discussing the menu with us.  Also, my friend who is usually very picky with service was very pleased with them, so I knew we found a gem of a place.

I definitely recommend Kookminhakgyo to anyone who wants the old school K-drama atmosphere, or if you just want a really unique, authentic, and well-rounded Korean BBQ experience while getting all the bang for your buck.

Rating: 😊😊😊😊😊 (5 out of 5 smiles)

Price: $$ (modest/decent price for what you get)