MeNami – Udon A New Way

Went out to meet my long-time friend this weekend to catch up and get together.  She suggested we try out this new place called MeNami which specializes in Udon done in different ways.  The outside of the restaurant looks pretty flashy with it’s Broadway-style signage, so I always thought it was some sort of flashy bar.  Who would’ve thought it was an Udon House – although I was half right since they were also a sake bar with a large sake selection.


Image taken from BlogTO

The menu of the place isn’t too big and the prices are fairly reasonable.  I decided to order the Black Sesame Purée Udon with Beef always wanting to try the most different looking item on the menu.  While my friend being practical in the heat of summer decided to order the Kake Udon with Chicken Thigh Tempura which was a cold noodle dish.

I have to say I love black sesame, so eating the slightly sweet sesame sauce in combination of the more savory beef really complimented each other well.  My friend commented that her Udon broth was more of a soba noodle kind of broth which the server poured into the noodles at the table.  My friend siad she would’ve preferred that the server given her the broth separate so she could’ve dipped her noodles as she ate them much like soba, since soaking it all together she found it too salty.  Other that that bit I say the overall experience here was good and I’m definitely thinking of coming back to try the cheese udon next as that and a few other items caught my interest.


Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (4 smiles out of 5)

Pricing: $$ (modest/average)